Roman tomb

The Roman Tomb with murals is one of the most splendid monuments of tomb architecture not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkans during late antiquity. It has been discovered by chance in 1942 in the southern outskirts of Silistra, where the necropolis of Durostorum was developed. It is remarkable in that its entire interior is covered with murals.

The main scene  is a kind of procession of servants and  maids  who wear costume items and toiletries and head to the master couple. The two lunettes  feature peacocks and pigeons and the vault is decorated with animal figures, plants and hunting scenes. The tomb dates from the late reign of Emperor Constantine I the Great. It was built and painted for a noble citizen of Durostorum, but it was never used.
Work Time

May 1 - September 30: Tuesday - Friday

Information for Visitors
The Tomb has a special conservation mode. Visits depend on the weather, as well as the humidity and temperature in the chamber of the tomb.


Price per visit: 10 BGN
(with pre-order of at least 5 people)

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