Ethnographic museum - Silistra

The Ethnographic Museum - Silistra has been  established  in 1967 and is a part of the structure of The Regional Museum of History -Silistra. It is situated in a two-storey building built in the middle of XIX century. The exposition is located on an area of 300 square meters, representing the lifestyle, livelihood, material and spiritual culture of the population of  Silistra region from the mid XIX century to  the forties of XX century

Currently the department stock holds over 5900 movable cultural assets. These are mainly objects from rural and urban life, handicrafts, ritual requisite, musical instruments from the territory of Silistra ethnographic region during the indicated period.


The Ethnographic Museum - Silistra is an institution with a long-standing  tradition in  protecting, preservation and study of the material and spiritual culture of  Dobrudzha people.


The Museum is not accessible to people with disabilities. Shooting is allowed.

Work Time

Summer Work Time
(April 1 -  September 30 )
Tuesday - Saturday
9.00 – 12.00  o’clock
12.30 - 17.00 o’clock
Closed: Monday and Sunday


Winter Work Time
(October 1  – March 31 )
Monday – Friday
9.00 – 17.00  o’clock
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Pupils, students, pensioners – 1 BGN
Adults – 2 BGN
Discourse  – 2 BGN
Guide: 086/ 831 142, 0878 967 478
Contact us
37  Otets Paisiy Street
7500 Silistra
086/ 831 142, 0878 967 478

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